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PDR Instructor Training and Startup Costs (NOTE: Training for 1 individual or a team of 2 instructors is the same)

Training & Instructor Materials (per team of 2 instructors or 1 individual instructor. We prefer that the class be taught by both a male and a female instructor)


  • 24-hour training

  • Instructor Manual(s)

  • PowerPoint presentation or Overhead templates (1 set)

  • PDR Instructor Video (1) (included with PowerPoint presentation)

  • PDR Demonstrations CD

  • PDR Participant's Guide

  • Consultation on startup, marketing, working with the court system, etc.

  • Templates

Certificate of Completion

form

Course Evaluation


In-class Registration form

Resource sheet

Mini legal dictionary

Overhead slides


PDR Participant's Guides (for parents; in lots of 50; $5.00/book), per lot

Participant's Guides may be ordered in smaller quantities at $6.95/book. Shipping & handling is not included. Books ordered and paid for at the training will be available at $5.00/book.

Other items you will need: Computer/Projector for PowerPoint or Overhead projector and TV/VCR, Flip chart with markers

Glenna O. Auxier


Robert J. Perchalski, Ph.D.
Curriculum Coordinator

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