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Desirable Qualities and Experience for Instructors (Required)

  • Bachelorís degree in counseling, social work, psychology, education or related field and have at a minimum 2 years experience in dealing with family, parenting, and divorce related issues;


    a minimum of 4 years related work experience in dealing with family, parenting, and divorce-related issues.

    (This is a requirement according to Florida Administrative Rule 65C-032.002)

  • Divorced with children (2 years minimum between divorce and training).

  • Guardian Ad Litem or Court Appointed Special Advocate.

  • Crisis Intervention Specialist.

  • Certified mediator (family or county court with experience).

  • Redirecting Children's Behavior instructor.

  • Certified parent instructor (other courses).

  • Couples or relationship instructor

  • Certified Family Life Educator

  • Other teaching experience.

  • Ability to remain impartial.

  • Willing to maintain confidentiality.

  • Ability to model a situation-centered attitude.

  • Willing to refrain from giving legal advice (this course is educational; not for the purpose of practicing law). Willing to learn the difference between giving legal information and giving legal advice.

  • Willing to refrain from practicing therapy (the course is educational; not for the purpose of "fixing" the students).

  • An understanding of teaching from a position of equality and respect rather than superiority.

  • The courage to be imperfect.

  • Committed to helping others resolve conflict.

  • Ability to make the principles clear and understandable when questioned by hostile/emotional students.

  • Good moral character.


Glenna O. Auxier


Robert J. Perchalski, Ph.D.
Curriculum Coordinator

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