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Correspondence Course

Northeast Florida Classes: All classes listed on this page are classroom presentations. We also provide Internet and correspondence classes; however, judges generally prefer that parents take a classroom class. Our courses are accepted throughout Florida and in all other states that require parent education.

Filing in Clay, Duval, Hillsborough or Nassau Counties in Florida?
Internet and correspondence courses are NOT accepted in Clay, Duval, Hillsborough or Nassau Counties EXCEPT on an individual basis with permission. Call the Clerk of Court if you have an issue that prevents you from attending in person.

Pasco or Pinellas County classroom classes
en los condados de Duval, Hillsborough (Tampa), Pasco o Miami-Dade
Other locations for classroom classes

Location Day Date Time
GainesvilleThursdayFebruary 274:30 pm
Orange ParkSaturdayFebruary 291:30 pm
Jacksonville (en español)lunes2 de Marzo9:30 de la mañana(904) 755-0495
St. AugustineSaturdayMarch 71:30 pm
Orange ParkWednesdayMarch 115:00 pm
Jacksonville (en español)miércoles11 de marzo9:30 de la mañana(904) 755-0495
GainesvilleThursdayMarch 124:30 pm
Orange ParkThursdayMarch 195:00 pm
St. AugustineSundayMarch 221:30 pm
GainesvilleWednesdayMarch 254:30 pm
Orange ParkSundayMarch 291:30 pm

The fee for all classes is $50.00. We prefer that parents pay in advance if that is possible. We commit to have 2 instructors to teach each class. Your prepayment is your commitment to attend. You can pay by VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit or debit card by calling (888) 747-5362 or 375-4399 (local Gainesville calling area). You can also mail your fee to:

PDR P.O. Box 12906 Gainesville, FL 32604

Checks should get to us not less than 10 days before the class; money orders, 5 days before the class. Checks or money orders should be made payable to PDR.

You can register for any class by calling (888) 747-5362
(or 375-4399 in the local Gainesville, Florida calling area).

You can also register by filling out the form below.

PDR Registration Form

We do not allow parents involved in a legal action
to take the same class session.
All classes last 4 hours starting from the time given above.

Your Full Name:

PDR Class Date (1st Choice):

( mm/dd/yy; for example 02/06/18)

PDR Class Date (2nd Choice):

( mm/dd/yy; for example 02/06/18)


(enter only numbers; i.e., 3521119999)

Your Personal Email Address:

Other Parent's Full Name:

if you are an interested 3rd party in a current court action
(i.e., grandparent, stepparent, etc.), please give the names
of the parents involved in the current court action.



You will be confirmed for your first choice of course dates
unless the other parent or an opposing 3rd party has registered for that session.
We will confirm your registration by email or phone.

Glenna O. Auxier
Course Director


Robert J. Perchalski, Ph.D.
Curriculum Coordinator

Contact us by email at for.parents@juno.com
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