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Please be aware that these are suggested for parent's viewing. Some are particularly intense and are NOT intended for children. You may decide to watch some of these with your children after you have previewed them, as a way of opening discussion of divorce issues. Our hope is that these videos will give parents insight into key issues like the futility of power struggles and revenge cycles, the value of communication and conflict resolution skills, stages of loss and grief, and effective communication with children.

  • Bye, Bye Love. (1995) Several families coping with divorce. Highlights fathers' concerns.

  • House Arrest. (1996) Children hold parents hostage to get them to change their minds about divorce (Bargaining).

  • Kramer vs. Kramer. (1979) One of the earliest movies to show the stress of divorce on parents and children. Focus is on the "tender years" guideline which resulted in mothers being granted custody of children in most cases. Current statutes focus on the "best interests of children" guideline which considers mothers and fathers equal under the law in custody matters. INTENSE. Not for children under 13.

  • Mrs. Doubtfire. (1993) Comedy with a message that highlights the difficulties of nonresidential parents.

  • Mr. Rogers Talks with Parents about Divorce. (1988) PBS Video. PBS program with Fred Rogers and Earl Grollman talking with parents. Check your local library for copies.

  • Parent Trap. (1961, 1998) Children focus on getting parents back together (Bargaining).

  • Shoot the Moon. (1982) Early stages of divorce. Watch the oldest daughter for stages of loss and grief and all children for developmental stages. INTENSE. Not for children under 13.

  • Stepmom. (1998) Good for situations involving new significant others. Shows possibilities for communication between parents, and parents talking together with children about important issues.

  • War of the Roses. (1989) Parents carry their divorce war too far as related by an ethical attorney. INTENSE. Not for children under 13.

  • The Story of Us. (1999) An inside look at parents creating distance. The final resolution is a little too easy, but the value of history and commitment in creating that resolution is realistic. INTENSE. Not for children under 13.

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Robert J. Perchalski, Ph.D.
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