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Circuit Courts. Links to Florida Judicial Circuit web sites

Dads at a Distance. Resource for parents who travel a lot or live some distance from their children (not just fathers).

Coparenting.com. Preparation for mediation. Checklist of things for parents to consider before mediation. This can save time and money.

Divorce as Friends. Excellent advice for self-awareness and relationships.

Divorce Help. The attorney who wrote Practical Divorce Solutions provides additional resources, including extensive material from his book. Check this site or read the book before you see an attorney or go to mediation.

Divorce Source. Very comprehensive divorce site.

Divorce Support. Articles, guide to state laws, access to professionals.

Douglas Darnall, Ph.D. Information on parental alienation.

Dr. Jane Bluestein Alternatives to Advice-Giving: Asking questions to guide problem-solving

Florida Clerks of Court. Links to Clerks of Court web sites

Florida Courts. Florida Office of State Courts Administration. Choose Self-Help Center for extensive link libraries and Florida Family Law forms.

FloridaDivorce.com. Extensive legal information and assistance. Find an attorney in your area. Ask a Florida family law attorney questions by email for free. A good place to start.

Florida Department of Revenue, Department of Child Support Enforcement. Information on and assistance with child support issues.

Help Guide. Excellent source of information and encouragement to help with difficult times in life

International Network for Children and Families. Parent education. Find instructors in your area for the 15-hour course Redirecting Children's Behavior.

National Fathers' Resource Center. Provides fathers, children, grandparents and families around the world with up to the minute information about critical father-related issues. These issues include, but are not limited to: divorce, child custody, child support, parenting, father's rights, grandparents' rights, family court, kidnapping, parental alienation, fighting false and malicious child abuse accusations, false family violence accusations, stepparent issues, etc.

Parenting Time Guidelines. Some circuits are very clear about establishing detailed guidelines for parenting time based on developmental stages. This comes from the 10th Judicial Circuit in Florida. The primary resource is Children of divorce: A Developmental approach to residence and visitation by Baris and Garrity (See #1 under Books for Parents).

Positive Discipline (Jane Nelson, Ed.D.). Resources for parents and teachers.

Positive Divorce Resolution, Inc. Course information, instructor training, state statutes, information and resources for parents and couples. Mirror Site: mydivorceclass.com

PREP, Inc. Tools for conflict resolution. Authors of Fighting for Your Marriage (ref. 20) provide resources for creating healthy relationships, including the PREP course and workshops (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program).

Smart marriages. Information, research, conferences, focus on marriage education.

University of Minnesota Extension Service. University resource with many articles for families including articles about divorce.

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