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Actually I had questions answered before I even knew I had questions.

The content of this course was suprisingly powerful. I initially intended to browse through it as fast as possible and take the test. As I began to absorb the material, however, I found myself reading and then re-reading it over and over. It is not an exaggeration to say that this presentation is life changing. I need more time to absorb and develop the resources, but I am eager to do so. I only wish I had found this BEFORE the seperation.

I was happily surprised in how good this course was. I really value what i was able to learn. Thank you so much for the wise and priceless direction that you gave and demonstrated. It has sparked an interest to continually learn more and grow as a parent, Thank you!

I wish I looked at and listened to this when I first filed for divorce. I think it would have saved a lot of time and grief in this divorce process.

The #1 most signifigant thing I learned is that I have to let go. I have been trying so hard to make my ex be something or someone that only he can choose to be. I also learned a lot about some of my own subconscious behaviors. I had not connected fear with anger and hurt but the first section of this course really made me take a look inside myself.

I remember when my children were first born wishing for an instruction book to go with them. This course is the closest thing that I have ever encountered. I think the children, their father, and I will all benefit from this class. Thank you.

It brought up issues for me as I came from a broken home as well, and I could see and remember the feelings and thoughts described in the program.

Having completed the course on line, I think that I would like to take it again in person where it would be more interactive. I had to choose the on line option for time restrictions; but later I will try to enroll again for my personal gain. There is so much information, I think that repetition would serve me well.

I am going to seriously consider the principle of accepting life, rather than always trying to control it. Very powerful thought, indeed. I will also work toward challenging my old beliefs that, as is apparant by my taking this course, did not work the way I had hoped. I need to hold myself accountable in some areas, and forgive myself in others.

You covered all of my questions. You really taught me a lot of things. I really think that it will help me grow with my kids. Thank you.

I am really happy that I had to take this class. I am even going to buy a couple of the books that are in the sessions. Thank you very much.

Excellent class!

I learned new ways to communicate to my children, ways that will be productive and help all of us, especially the children, thru this awful ordeal.

I was amazed at the response time from my email comments and questions. I really wish a course like this was mandatory BEFORE marriage. So many people, including myself could benefit from learning these techniques prior to marriage. I think this course should and could be used as  a preventive treatment instead of just damage control.

An outstanding course that seemed to be designed especially for me.

Before taking this class I figured it was just another hoop to jump through.  after section one my thought changed thank you.

This course was great. (It) gave me so much hope.

I found your program very worthwhile, the material is very insightful.

I was pleasantly surprised with (the) wonderful progressive content of this course. Thank you for making such valuable, crucial info available through this program. I believe it will have a far reaching positive impact.

Glenna O. Auxier


Robert J. Perchalski, Ph.D.
Curriculum Coordinator

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