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Great job. As professional as I've ever seen!

Instructors were incredibly knowledgeable. The 4 hours went by fast and was full of great information.

This course is a complete steal at $40. I'm glad that they don't charge what the course is worth because no one could afford it!

Absolutely amazing class! I wish this had been offered to me as a young mom.

Awesome experience :)

Very positive class. Glad I had to come. Excellent presenters.

Ths class should be a requirement before marriage.

It was a great and resourceful class to take. It is a class that can be taken by anyone.

I wish I could go back in time with the knowledge I now have and repair my relationship.

This course is by far the most powerful course I have ever been to.

This was really a well-thought through presentation of non-blaming and non-threatening info for parenting. Thanks for the websites and reading list as well.

Great course and well taught. Thanks.

I think everyone with children should take this class; not only divorc(ing) parents.

Thank you!! This was empowering information.

Thank you for answering my questions with compassion. I have a better outlook now.

Instructors were excellent. I appreciate their tone of voice and their obvious compassion for families and children.

A very good class. Wish I had taken it sooner.

Both instructors were wonderful. Very knowledgeable of course content. Able to answer questions. Great role-playing.

I think this course was helpful and also should be offered or recommended for new parents or parents having difficulty in marriage.

I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot of good things.

This course is excellent for parents in any situation and should be mandatory to be a parent.

I hope all parents will try to follow these steps and use this info. This is a great concept and shows concern by the State in making it mandatory.

Thank you for your obviously sincere commitment in getting us through this chapter of our lives as positively as possible.

This was worthwhile. A shame we didn't take it 5 years ago.

I wish my psychiatrist had me and my husband come to some parenting/divorce relationship class.

I was very sick when I arrived and almost left the course. But I am very glad that I didn't leave. I learned a lot :)

Excellent delivery! Very informative and engaging.

Both instructors were very good and knowledgeable. They really seem to care about what they are teaching.

Good job. Keep up the good work.

I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you. Well done!

I think couples should have this class before getting married.

4 hours is a long time!! The instructors made it zoom by!! I am so impressed. Both instructors were great. This was 4 hours time well spent. Thank you!

Glenna O. Auxier


Robert J. Perchalski, Ph.D.
Curriculum Coordinator

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