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Domestic Violence and
Child Abuse

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    Some people are required to report knowledge or suspicion of child abuse or neglect. These people include health care professionals, school teachers, school officials, social workers, child care providers and workers, foster parents, law enforcement officers and judges. Any person, however, can file a report by calling the hotline. All reports and the identity of a person who files a report are kept confidential.

    Physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect are serious concerns around the United States. Reporting suspected abuse is essential and has uncovered thousands of abusive situations where children have suffered. If you believe that your child is suffering abuse, it is essential that you report the abuse;


abuse reports are sometimes made as a "payback" or revenge against others, or to gain a legal or financial advantage when no abuse has taken place.


Making a false report of child abuse is illegal. DONíT DO IT. A parent who truly loves a child and wants what is best for that child does not use the child to get revenge on the other parent.

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