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Domestic Violence and
Child Abuse

Domestic Violence Resources (previous/next)

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1(800) 799-SAFE or 1(800) 799-7233. When you call this number, you will talk with a live person who can help. The web site has extensive information on domestic violence including a directory of individual state resources. www.ndvh.org

Florida Statutes. Chapter 741 (domestic violence) , Chapter 784 (assault, battery, sexual assault, culpable negligence), Chapter 794 (sexual battery).

Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network, Inc. (800) 500-1119 or (352) 377-8255.

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Phone: (850) 425-2749, Fax:(850)425-3091, TDD: (850)621-4202, Toll free in state: (800) 500-1119

Blain Nelsonís Abuse Pages. More information on identifying domestic violence and stopping the abuse. www.blainn.cc/index.html

Darnell, Douglas. Divorce casualties: Protecting your children from parental alienation. Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, TX, 1998.

Garrity, Carla B.; Mitchell A Baris. Caught in the middle: Protecting the children of high-conflict divorce. Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1994

Greven, Philip. Spare the child. Vintage Books, New York, 1990. (Understanding violence in close relationships).

Markman, Howard, Scott Stanley and Susan L. Blumberg. Fighting for Your Marriage. Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1994. (Communication and problem-solving skills for all relationships).

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