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Domestic Violence and
Child Abuse

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    If you answered "Yes" to some of these questions (How can I recognize domestic violence?), contact the domestic abuse resources in your community, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline (Domestic violence resources) or call the police. The only way to stop domestic violence is to recognize it and report it. Your answers to these questions can be used to describe the attacks. If you answered "Yes" to question #20, only YOU have the power to stop before law enforcement action is necessary. This will begin the process that will allow you and those you love to be safe and get help for both you and the person who is doing these things. Domestic violence does not stop spontaneously because the abuser gets better. It only gets worse until someone is seriously hurt or killed. It is also important for victims of domestic violence to get help so that they learn how to safely reclaim integrity and self-respect. Domestic violence between adults significantly increases the chance that children in the home will be physically hurt. The American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Domestic Violence reports that exposing children to domestic violence constitutes child abuse, and is the strongest risk factor for transmitting violent behavior to the next generation.

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