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Domestic Violence and
Child Abuse

Child Abuse and Neglect Resources (previous/next)

Florida Child Abuse Reports Hotline. Call any time to report suspected child abuse. 1(800) 96-ABUSE or 1(800) 962-2873.

Florida Parent Helpline. You will talk with a live person who can help. 1(800) FLA-LOVE or 1(800) 352-5683.

Florida Statutes. Chapter 39 (proceedings related to children), Chapter 827 (abuse of children)

Safe Child Program. Information about keeping children safe as they grow up. www.safechild.org

Faber, Adele; Mazlish, Elaine. How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk. Avon Books, New York, 1980.

Nelsen, Jane; Lynn Lott; H. Stephen Glenn. Positive discipline: A to Z. Prima Publishing, Roseville, CA, 1999.

Positive Discipline Online. Extensive resources for parents, teachers and caregivers. Tools for discipline that build self-esteem, and teach cooperation and responsibility without violence.

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